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· All people in Brazil love football.

· Are Mr and Mrs Bishop complaining too? – I don’t hope so.

· Chelsea didn’t play as good as I had expected.

· ETC open in Macaé eleven years ago.

· ETC (London) is located on the Stoneleigh Street.

· Go Bayswater Road along.

· Have you got an own room?

· He goes always to his English lessons at ETC by car.

· How do you call this piece of equipment?

· I am living in São Marcos since I was 26 years old.

· I don’t can see you until after the meeting tomorrow.

· I haven’t never been to Macaé before.

· Leo has left an hour ago for the airport.

· Sue can’t afford a car.  She doesn’t have money enough.

· My brother has 29 years and works at ETC.

· Mr Rayner said me he was feeling well.

· Steve gave me some very good advices – enrol at ETC.

· Many English courses are not charging enrolment fees.

· The most people watch TV too much.

· The news are so depressing at the moment.

· Bruno has been studying here at ETC since four years.

· They asked Dan where was the English Training Centre.

· They two colleagues which are studying at ETC.

· We had a so good time in Ivan’s class at ETC.

· We have had a terrible weather in Macaé this spring.

· When you come later, can you take the book I lent you?

· I try my best not to do mistakes.

· Yesterday was a holiday. We didn’t must go to work.

· Children in Eire start the school when they are four years old.

· You really must to phone ETC on (22) 2773 2342.


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